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Need a captain armband for your club?

The possibilities for these are (almost) endless;

For clubs & associations we do offer different kind of clubpackages . These packages are composed in a way that can be used to provide the whole club/association with custom captain armbands.

Want to make yourn own design? You don’t have to, our graphic designers will work together to make THE captain armband for your club.

A few advantages at a glance:
  • Mix the clubpackage in different sizes ( Pupil, Junior & Senior)
  • You give us a head start in terms of design and our graphic designers are happy to head it in for you!
  • Your logo leading on the captain armband.
  • We sublimate your sponsor(s) on the captain armband
  • Teamnames mentioned on the armband, so every teams now wich captain armband belows to them. ( for example Under 19 or first team.)
  • You will receive an product picture for (eventually) promotion of the captain armband for your club
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Furkan Uysal

Clubpackage 10

The ideal beginners package

Clubpackage 20

For just a bit more

Clubpackage 25

However that little bit extra

Clubpackage 50

The most chosen one

Clubpackage 100

For the whole club

Custom made package

We will help you further
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